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2048 Desktop 1.0

It is a free puzzle game in which you will have to join tiles with numbers
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Euler Development

This is a desktop version of the 2048 logic puzzle game that initially got popular on portable devices. 2048 is a game in which the players have to merge number tiles until they get to the number 2048, or even higher, to 4096, if they can. It's really simple to play, as all you do is move numbered tiles around so that you get to join the ones with similar numbers, but it's also hard to master, as the play field is limited and numbers get higher and higher as you progress. While other versions of this game come with the possibility to select boards of different sizes, the 2048 Desktop game supports only the 4x4 one. Therefore, reaching higher numbers is even more difficult.

Anyway, it doesn't only lack the possibility to change the board's size, but it also lacks any additional options and features. It only stores your personal best score and displays a leaderboard of other players' highscores, but this also requires a permanent Internet connection. It's also a good thing that it's easy to play, as there are no instructions offered to help beginners understand how to play the game.

In conclusion, though I like playing a game of 2048 every now and then, especially on my smart phone, I don't think that this version is worth it. It just lacks too many things that would've made it at least passable. Anyway, at least it's free.

Margie Smeer
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  • It's free
  • Neat and lightweight
  • Saves highscores


  • Requires an Internet connection to check for updates and display the highscores
  • Requires DotNet Framework 4 or later
  • The interface is not customizable
  • Lacks any additional options and features
  • Could've used an improved start screen that displays instructions on how to play
  • Only a 4x4 playfield is available
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